color series: a scent spectrum

The fragrance palette behind this collection signifies self expression, and a world where anything is possible. A passion for travel and a desire to escape the mundane, each color and scent has been artfully combined with a distinctive approach and audience in mind.

The warm earth and cool sea palettes take you from the streets of Havana, to an artist’s studio, or a night carnival, all places left open to wander and wonder. The neutral sky and metallic sun colors stimulate your senses with contrasting scents. Escape and restore in the meditative calm of a mountain retreat, or illuminate with gold and copper hues that reflect and shine.

All of our candles are made from fine fragrance and renewable coconut and soy wax, cotton wick, and hand poured in the USA. Our ceramic vessels are handcrafted in Portugal, beautiful enough for reuse when you are finished burning.


Scent Chart